27 Apr 2007

A Soft Bite

BEFORE FLYING back yesterday, I indulged in some soothing bubbles. Mumm's Napa NV Brut was stickier and less appley than the Champagne (both entities are owned by Pernod Ricard). I resisted the temptation to add an ice cube to chill away the sugar.
Pictured right, the airport features an aviation museum and library.
I have just wrung the last drops from a daintily priced Loosen Bros prescription - "Dr. L" '06. Freshly watered, well-tended lawn on the nose with a soft bite, then cooking apples on the palate with a nicely shaped aftertaste, this is basic but attractive entry-level Riesling at just 8.5p/c ABV.
Further photos from the West Coast may be found HERE.