29 Apr 2007

Painting by Numbers

A LATE NIGHT thought, penned under the influence of jet-lag. Making high octane, 'blockbuster' wines that puff-up their chests to appease critics fond of the points system is tantamount to painting by numbers. Following a formula. Tripping over terroir. Invariably caricatures and not really for genuine public consumption.
I recently discovered the finespun Pangea Syrah '04 from Colchagua, Chile, '...the next Napa...' [£25, Davys]. In Greek 'Pangea' refers to the pre-continental drift state of the planet, when it is thought all land was one mass. Here however it applies to the international compilation of John Duval when transposed to Chile. The former Chief Winemaker at Penfolds Grange, he has crafted a bright-tasting, red berry laden, gently mentholated, slightly spiced, cocoa dusted Syrah (replete with a spinal trace of Cabernet).
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