8 Mar 2007


IN THE ABSENCE of a conventional vase, a cocktail shaker does the job admirably.
Here is the line-up for tonight's wine course, 'Curios' being the theme, featuring: England, Slovenia, Lebanon, Austria, North Africa, Mexico and Luxembourg. Greece is just out of frame.

I am particularly interested in the Acrata '04, a cult Mexican comprising (or should that be uncompromising?) Grenache, Carignan and Durif. Mine is the only bottle in the UK. I hope it comfortably beats L.A. Cetto.
Incidentally, Baja California is sometimes referred to as Mexico's 'Bordeaux Belt' where 80p/c of the wine is made...

Dveri-Pax's '05 Slovenian "Janez" also caught my eye with its dilated stare... To paraphrase the winelover's page:

'it's hard for a wine lover not to like a country where one of the national treasures is a 400-year-old grapevine and where the National Anthem is not a plea for peace but a wine-drinking song...'