29 Mar 2007

Terry's Chocolate Orange

I HELPED THE charming Roger Mallindine, Master of Whisky, with a tasting on Wednesday. Despite 42 years in the business, he claims he was a "late starter", being introduced to the pleasures of distilled beer without the hops at the tender age of 16...
Of the eight samples, a certain chemistry was conjoured between Clynelish's 14YO (Northern Highlands) and me. Beautiful, feminine, floral, with Terry's Chocolate Orange aromas passing through. Talisker 18YO (Skye) was well-bred; less abrasive than the 10YO. Powerful, peppery, a groomed old sea-dog.
Presumably this sign denotes tube-travellers should offer eachother morsels?
It is the finale of the wine course I teach this evening. Each of the enrolled will bring a bottle that represents themselves. Alas I cannot afford myself!