10 Mar 2007

Tango NV

THIS TANGO NV Cherry concoction in magnum [£1.45, Château Britvic] is luminous dahlia in appearance with vermilion tints, a defined meniscus (2-3mm) and a tight, persistent bead.
Slightly candied (almost confected) aromas lunge forward on the rather one-dimensional nose, with a haunting harem of concentrated marasca cherries (or cherry concentrate) and ample sherbert.
On the palate this is pétillant, with a generous mouthfeel and a silken finish. The unctuous saccharine glow is mopped clean by the poised acidity no doubt a result of the unison of various acidity regulators. Screwcapped for freshness, I was intrigued to note the presence of acesulfame in the blend, a substance 200 times sweeter than conventional sugar and conducive to mild hyperactivity in your reviewer...
Overall, unnervingly reminiscent of Sabai Cooler from Thailand [PREVIOUS POST].
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