25 Mar 2007

Bleak Sunshine

A POEM FOR Spring:

‘I Promise To Pay The Bearer’
Ten pounds only
Ten gold doubloons
Dense, uniform, familiar
Ten opportunities
Ten good intentions
Wrapped in a crisp virgin scroll
A passable bottle decants from its weave
Paisley silk cravate unfurls
A haggled taxi drives into the country
Paint licks a paint-lacking door
Icy fresh air, a round of crazy golf
A rowing boat roves for an adopted hour.
Bleak sunshine
Hours of cellulloid recoil
Swift stakes stoke 'the favourite'
Arms flex on one-armed bandits
A pound of Soho flesh is glimsed
Ten good intentions, spent
Ten hand-tied irises trapped in plastic, explain.
I am quite taken by Carmel Wineries' Cabernet Franc '04 from Israel [STOCKIST]. The nose brings to mind slightly stale brittle brownie sides with the inevitable tobacco/hemp leaf found in a number of their reds.