3 Mar 2007

Mosh Pit

BEWARE! I HAVE partaken of 'Korean White Ginseng' at breakfast, something allegedly brimming with aphrodisiac properties...
This follows another evening at the Mosh Pit that is Gordon's Wine Bar, this time meeting friends from filmmaking days. I ordered a spilling flute of primitive Cava, which tasted of bike tyre inner tube, followed by a suprisingly soft Manzanilla which rubbed a goats cheese up the wrong way.
The next hostelry was Davy's, only a moments puddle-dodging run away. '05 Pinot Noir from Waipara West (a former 'rabbit infested, sheep farm' above Christchurch) was a warren of flavour: squashed Elsanta strawberries, raspberries and loganberries with coriander leaf and a milky smoothness, something I have also experienced in Kim Crawford's '05 Andersen Vineyard Marlborough example. Incidentally my companions eyed me suspiciously before asking how a wine could appear to "lactate"... Whether you are lactose tolerant or not, this was very good value and a suprising find. It seems to me that most 'city boy wine bars' skimp on their more feminine wines, preferring to duke out blatant reds with the gravitas of boulders.
Diverting at Lewisham this morning, I was pleasantly surpised by the quality of the coffee from the station hall kiosk. Apparently the barista/confectioner/newsagent grinds the same beans Gordon Ramsay serves in his restaurants - 'Drury'.