23 Mar 2007

Horse Spag-Bol

ANYONE FOR horse spag-bol?
This lean mince (bred or retired?) was a lucky find in France early this AM, along with reserve Mimolette, a cow's cheese canonball from Lille, its crust sculpted by cheese mites.
Partially in protest to Brown's increased duty on wine, I felt it was mine to cross the channel to cellar-stock upon life's essentials, amongst which was a well-crafted Cabernet using Margaux clones from long term family firm, Wente Brothers in San Francisco Bay - Charles Wetmore Reserve '01.
Uncorked for the course I steer, this sleek cedar and vanilla scented wine was agile on the palate, not on alcoholic heat with bright blueberries, blackcurrants and pristine tannins.
For lunch, Tuna steak with Vivaldi accompaniment (optimistically, Spring) was washed down with Chat en Oeuf '03, a bolshy Côtes du Ventoux. Alas the natty marketing was the most appealing entity...