7 Mar 2007

Gastropub Green

HERE IS A restful view of my parents garden, snapped yesterday morning. Nature seems precocious.
In the evening, a vinous assembly occured at my flat, each member under firm instruction to bring a bottle that represented them. The results in megapixels...

Bubbles: Villa Maria Private Bin Riesling '05. Only true wine fanatics get excited by riesling. Blossom, kaffir lime zest and cool rockpools came to mind in this.

Valerie (French), self-titled 'mineral princess' brought: Chablis 1er Cru '04, Montmain. Bone dry with apple shed aromas and damp chalk dust on the palate.

Me: Chapel Down's Schonburger '04, an odd English entity which works, as did the wine. 'A grape with Pinot Noir as a parent', this was subtly aromatic, with a gradation of melon, peach and lychee.

Billie (South African): Rustenberg Brampton Viogner '05, an awesomely alcoholic (15.5p/c) Piña Colada (I once dropped such a cocktail in a posh bar).

Anna, "to be provocative": Château Musar '99 (white). An intentionally oxidised wideboy on Honey Lemsips. I serve the '94 to my students tomorrow...

Robert (Burgundian wine importer): Pommard 1er Cru '94, Jean-Marc Boillot (in magnum). Strapping, vital, wealthy wine with plentiful tannins. Quite a portrait.

Sam (Australian): Arrowfield Estate 'The Authors', Shiraz Viognier '05. Vigorous, with saddle leather, souvenir fudge and a splash of tinned pineapple.

Rafael simply described his Somerfield pink NV Cava, as "cheap", like himself(!)
Pictured, the bar at The Plough, Coton, Cambs, yesterday lunchtime (where I ate two starters of fig, parma ham and goats cheese salad and butterfly sardines on beef tomatoes).

Ten years ago a counter-top tapas fridge such as this would have seemed 'UFO' in the UK (Unidentified Food Object). A lot of the details in this pub are 'gastropub-green', the muted Dulux Jade Cluster 5 hue which seems to signify this not unpleasantly prevalent culinary genre.
Slightly off-piste, but Ambrosia's Organic Rice Pudding really is grand stuff - nourishing, like baby food for adults.