15 Feb 2007

Wrapped In A Bib

I WILLINGLY REGRESSED AT 'Phở' this lunchtime with an incognito confidant, enjoying the indignity of being wrapped in a bib by a beautiful blonde Polish waitress at this crisp, friendly place.
Pronounced "fuh", Phở is Vietnam's national dish, or rather bowl, deep enough to dive into, of white rice noodles swirling like eels in broth mingled with thin cuts of tendon, tripe, meatballs, chicken organs or prawns...
The knockout beverage was Chon Cafe, or Vietnamese Weasel Coffee, which is 'picked, digested and then regurgitated' by the caffeine-crazed wild mammals. Significantly better than 'kopi luwak' (for the more daring, look it up). Fortunately the resulting grounds, brewed at table, didn't cause my friend nor I to up-cascade the mildly chocolatey outcome, traditionally sweetened by condensed milk.
Also on the subject of curious vêtements, here is another: my anti-girl jumper replete with all the festive spectrum knitted into its caprinae fibres (I am sporting it during my period of opposite sex detox).

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