10 Feb 2007

Silk Sheets Softness

RUSSIAN colleague ТАНУА brought in two sprightly Manzanilla sherries for evaluation - one from Valdespino, unambigously titled 'Deliciosa', the other bottled by Lustau, from a former grocer, Manuel Cuevas Jurado, the 'Pasada' (meaning particularly mature).
The Valdespino from Harvey Nichols (pictured) had a blotting paper dry nose with spirit, fruit cake and plantain. On the palate it was quite gentle with a soft long aftertaste and dissolved salt crystals, but not enough acidity to purge these flavours. Perfect to lace nettle soup.
The Jurado from Berry Bros. & Rudd smelt of engine oil mingled with cooking fat (dripping), bracken (in fact the little clumps of scenery from model railways). Slightly burnt too. However on the palate this Cinderella went to the ball - becoming beautiful, flowing, with a slight citrus palate and a poised acidity. Silk sheets softness, with a better integration of fleurs de sal.
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