19 Feb 2007

Series of Detonations

A CURIO-DUO graced my table last night. The first, fashioned from a grape more commonly blended past its flavour point, Torti Oltrepo Pavese Bonarda '03, rather unenticingly smelt of albeit clean Alpaca goat. On the palate however it was reassuringly luxurious, delivering a palateful of kirsch, toned balsamic vinegar, with a Green & Black's bitter chocolate finish. Excellent and poised for immediate consumption.
The other wine, a 'rare as hell' Beaujolais Blanc '04 from Cuvée Cave de Fleurie made soothingly soft sense with its barley sweets palate and languid, laid back swirl. Opulent, confident and tactfully made. Judging by this representative, I think more white beaujolais should be produced.
Philosophical sentiments often float to the surface when drinking such good vino, and here is one apt to us all (generated under the influence): life is a series of detonations. We are how we deal with them...
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