28 Feb 2007

SITT Down!

THE PROBLEM with trade tastings is that the people serving the wines are often more exciting than the wines. For instance I met a wandering blonde Fin whose various global roamings and 'consumptive viewpoint' were far more enticing than her Galleano '05 [£5.99] jelly marshmallow 'Gloy' Zinfandel which I 'test-drunk'.
Some are friends, others are little devils, digesting your reaction, begging for reassurance. In such circumstances, finding benign adjectives for a 'mild-mannered' wine isn't a problem - I have after all been described as a 'Walking Thesaurus' (-thanks!). Anyway, today's 'SITT' at Vinopolis (Specialist Importer's Trade Tasting, rather than Scottish Investment Trust) alas melted into a blend of meaningless banter rather than systematic tasting.

I did however significantly enjoy Endrizzi's '03 Teroldego & Teroldego Gran Mazzetto [£28.99, Adnams], a five star hotel raspberry breakfast jam well-bred with organic greengages. It had a king-size, detailed finish, more Madame Butterfly than Ken Dodd...
Incidentally I was chilled to the bone to see that 'Fried Doug' is mentioned in a restaurant review in Metro. (I would rather be poached or braised).