22 Feb 2007

'La Feet'

PICTURED, late night 'La feet' as opposed to 'Lafitte', Borough Market.
I have just seduced my wine students with various French wines, all thankfully under 13.5p/c ABV...
Despite the fact wine writer Matthew Dukes defined it as "refreshingly carnal", I thought Merlot dominated Château Martinat Côtes de Bourg ‘03 (albeit made by advertising executives) was far from tedious. Inky, with a fluently plummy ripeness, weaved with mint leaf, hazelnuts and a stir of crème fraîche. [£9.99, Oddbins]
Hegarty Chamans No. 1 ‘04 from Minervois, a provocative 'SGC' (Syrah, Grenache, Carignan blend) was lavishly elaborate, with aromas of bitter blackcurrant tea, dried lavender and freshly dried sweat. Incidentally this was made using indigenous yeasts. [£14.99, Oddbins]
I reluctantly admire Starbucks' latest slogan, applicable also to wine, 'Geography is a flavour' (although I prefer, 'Flavour in Geography').