19 Feb 2007

'Have an Ice Day'

I WAS DELIGHTED to learn that Rhyl legend Degsy has scaled the soft serve slopes to become 'Ice Cream Man of the Year'. Some time ago I pitched a series of shorts to Channel Four under the banner 'I Scream For Ice Cream'. Degsy's van, replete with musical disco lights and enormous sub-woofers, bears the legend 'Don’t Skid on A Kid!' Buoyed by the recent accolade, he now says 'Forget The Rest, Lick The Best'... Truer Words Were Never Spoken.
Still under saccharine suggestion, I am drinking a Monbazillac '02 from Château Les Sablines [£6.99/50cl, Waitrose]. "Stickies" as the British love to describe them, are not it seems in vogue. A shame, because this wine has demonstrable class and far reaching food application. Smelling of pungent Roquefort, this masculine, juicy Sauvignon, Sémillon and Musdadelle, reminds me of kumquats eaten whole by the roadside in Naples. Terrines, ebullient blue cheeses and the more succesful examples of avant garde baking would rise to its brigade of flavour and acidity.

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