22 Feb 2007

A Flocculent Clump

I HAD LUNCH at Babylon again today [PREVIOUS POST]. Even though it has a reputation as an after-hours destination for affluent elderly gents who chaperone their 'nieces' to the nightclub beneath, I heartily recommend this gastronomic haven, surrounded by a verdant, quiet Eden where flamingos wade...
The dish which made me swoon involved warm, palpably soft chicken livers amidst wild mushrooms which lounged over homemade brioche via a flocculent clump of curly kale. It was spiked with a shard of pancetta.

Glasses of white peach scented dawn-picked Australian Viognier and also Pinot Gris (substantial) kept my spirits in good form, as did pink Champagne to begin and precise, almost coy Sauternes to culminate.

Dodging mousetraps, a trip to Gordons [POSTS] afterwards fuelled a dousing of '89 port in the process quelling my nerves before an evening passed presenting bespoke beers with 'The Cellar Society' at the handsome Royal United Services Institute. Gossamer thin Pata Negra, a heavenly ham made from acorn fattened black Iberian pigs, was just one delicacy served in unison. Incidentally, one of the Directors of this firm visibly suffers from gout, poor fellow.
All in all a suprising day in the culinary context - indeed one which began with a breakfast of 'Sesame Mochi', a Japanese rice cake cushion, accompanied by acrid Green Tea.