6 Jan 2007

Obscene Paramours Pt. II

REMEMBER THESE? -The 'Obscene Paramours'! In a fit of dazed-desperation I prized open the Chardonnay and worse, drunk it. This was perhaps down to the fact I had suffered quite a curious day...
I changed trains at Edinburgh, only to somehow find myself the lone stoaway aboard the wrong train, hitting three passenger alarms and clambering at unyielding doors when this became apparent. Thank goodness the driver allowed me to gather my can of G&T and debark via his cab.

All very well, but the problem with seeing alcohol as a fix to a harrowing situation is that it robs any joy from its sensous elements.
I have attested to the notion that one simply cannot be an alcoholic so long as details of vintage, grape and terroir are desirable keys to the drinking process. I will stick to this mantra lightly until I find gazing inside the bathroom cabinet, establishing whether or not the Meths is a good vintage!