16 Jan 2007

I love the smell of two-stroke

I TURNED UP in pleatly-ironed uniform to Vinopolis this AM to be swiftly sent far away because I wasn't affixed on the rota. The cheek of it! -I did however ensure the owner's daughter knew about my steadfast urgency to contribute to Wineworld PLC, even on my day off...
A glass of squid-inky Argentine Malbec served to quell at the National Film Theatre patio regardless of the molestation of the angle-grinder in nearby operation. Ah, I love the smell of two-stroke in the morning.

I am currently appreciating an artisinal apéritif with a Myrtle and blueberry flavour, louchely tipped over ice cubes. A graffiti art scene from Antonioni's 'Blow Up' occurs frictitiously in the background.
Tomorrow I present a presentation on "why Champagne is better than other worldly fizz" to a panel at the ABV city to vie for the chance to visit the caves in that county, courtesy of Dom. Ruinart. Trouble is I don't believe it is automatically better. What do readers think?