26 Jan 2007


"You don't need to be a gynecologist to make love."
[Michel Chapoutier, Winemaker]
...and nor do you have to be a Master of Wine to enjoy the sensual pleasures of the fermented grape. Sometimes it's best to divorce theory and engage practise.
Pictured, Waterloo Wines. I am currently test drinking one of their classy Grüner (groovy) Veltliner's for an article...
I am soon slipping mooring to Grenada, Caribbean 'spice island', for a couple of weeks r&r&r (rest, recuperation and also rum of indeterminate proof!) I will incorporate sailing aboard a ship featured in 'Pirates of The Caribbean' (could be a dinghy!) Hopefully I will lose that heroin addict pallour so typical of Londoner's in winter.