10 Jan 2007

Foie Gras

I OVERDID the Foie Gras yesterday. After stock-taking with wine-importing colleague Robert (including taking stock of what to drink), we settled in for a lunch of garlic scented potato cubes scattered around a crisp Magret, the breast of ducks bred for Foie Gras.

Later we opened a Bloc de Foie Gras de Canard which was stroked, softly, over lightly toasted crunchy farmhouse bread. Sugar cane Barabadian Olde Brigand and slightly petey Cuban Legenderia rums kept company.

Selfish chocolates, so defined because there was only one of each followed with 10YO chilled Tawny, although some were already choc full of Calvados, Cassis and Cognac.

I admit feeling slightly sorry for the poor ducks involved, but very grateful for the pleasure they gave us.
Sometimes people express disapointment with landmark wines. They are surpised at the reality of obtaining a seemingly unobtainable dream. I think this is the human condition. Wine, like people, is natural. I suppose it's a bit like meeting a filmstar... So poised and polished from a distance, but posessive of inevitable (and sometimes loveable) flaws close-up.

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