24 Jan 2007

Anise-Scented Drunkeness

SHOULDN'T VENTURE to Paris with a heart breaking in two places by two girls who meant a great (or)deal - one schism (fine), two fractures, ("NEIN!") Alas, I did. But not to worry. Despite recent heartbreaks, I finally made friends with this couth capital as well as various residents of the 'Peace and Love' hostel...

Depicted above: sitting, sipping, slipping into an anise-scented drunkeness under a heat lamp, reading meaningful intellectual literature...
My favourite of numerous restaurants encountered was Willi's Wine Bar (Rue des Petits Champs). An apéretif of terrific non-dosage Jacqueson NV icily prickly-tickled a tuna and dense green olive oil carpaccio without leaving a slobbering aftertaste. Alongside a tall liner of of marbled Salers beef, which cut like melting ice cream, a glass embrace of Nuits St. Georges, which I had been almost violently craving.

A young Vouvray Moelleux brushed away the sweetness of a pear tart with its confident acidity, like a warm scraper across a frozen windscreen. (I am a pastry addict). -Thank you, Vinopolis colleague Helen, for recommending this, your former workplace.

Back at P&L, I dared not voice my concerns over mild cork taint in a 9euro bottle of Château No-Go. Later, a hefty young lady in the bunk below me appeared to take a lifetime of time compulsively texting her autobiography into the ether.
Also pictured, the Moulin Rouge, hostel residents and the vineyard at Montmartre bordering the famous Lapin Agile cabaret (captured by Picasso) planted mainly with what looked like ungrafted Gamay and Pinot Noir.
Incidentally, Paris has wonderful tap water - no doubt helping the complexions of the elegant Parisiennes.

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