15 Dec 2006

Tasting 'Hedonism'

PLEASE FORGIVE THIS abstraction of an image, the result of an inefficient mobile 'phone camera, forcing me to steady the bottle on a flatbed scanner! The depicted wine actually represents one of Northern Rhone superstar, Michel Chapoutier's, highly successful forays into Australia, a Shiraz-Viognier '...collaborative effort between two renowned wine families; Chapoutier from the Rhône and Terlato of Napa...'
There is nothing to resent in this equilibrate, goose down eiderdown-soft mixed parentage crooner which delivers a genuinely warmly expressive kiss on each cheek (and then a cheeky snog).
I furiously attended a 'Compass Box' whisky tasting this am, featuring 'Hedonism', a superfine grain blend possessing a powerful, toned, far from cravenly fruity sub•stan•tial•ism...