27 Dec 2006

Romantic Wild-Child

FORGIVE THIS pitiful scan - Father Christmas didn't bestow a digital camera upon me this year.
Never mind.
Never mind, because I have recently realised just how fortunate I am to be in a profession which allows me to daily indulge devotion to my dual loves of food and drink, often encountering the people responsible for such sensous marvels along the journey...
Top left are representations of two bottles, one, a present from my sister who visited the vineyard/mixed farm, Sandhurst '03 Kentish Medium [£6.50], an in actuality dry, 'friendly' table white with a slight citronella candle, muscovado and then acacia aftertaste. I still like their super 'Late Harvest' [post] the best.
Ravenswood Vintners Blend '04 Zinfandel [approx £6.99, Majestic] was a Vinopolis 'Secret Santa' lucky dip (some unfortunates encountered horrific wines which can only be described as deeply ironic). Blackberries and dark cherries lunged forward in this romantic wild-child, much improved after a couple of days airtime.
I gorged myself with a Hootie-Pattootie on Goodge Street the other day, at an excellent 'local' in fact amidst central London office bustle, 'Salt Yard'. This warm restaurant with busy bar atmosphere features plentiful textures, from smooth serrano ham coloured walls to suede curtains, soft leather seating and rough wooden bar. The tapas plata which impressed me the most was Courgette Flowers stuffed with warm Monte Enebro cheese and drizzled with runny honey.