18 Dec 2006

Protein Takes Prominence

TENDERISED-TENDERLOIN, 'Steak Diane', represented highlight post modern flambéed fayre a la carte-offered without irony at The Bull, Bisham, where protein takes prominence.
This inn is curious, cosy, but not costly. Intriguing because it jarrs the listed fabric of an English Inn with multiple Galician embellishments; soothing because it is family run by a sufficiently contented but exotically eccentric family; not exorbitant because its members value institution status, choosing to keep the road open to all, wide enough indeed to power past the physically towering and horifically-calorific 'sweets trolley', ushered by matriarch Carmen Lopez, shortest in the family and shaded in its shadow...
A fresh, deep coloured, fleshy amazon, '03 Mercurey made by Antonin Rodet at Château de Charmirey, fragrantly nuzzled, becoming internally-enveloped all too soon. [Available from my wine importing colleague, Robert, via me].