12 Dec 2006

Barter Park

I WAS QUIETLY removed from whisky training this morning to be presented with a miniature of acutely fragrant, almost confected, Zeppi's Bajtra, '...a Maltese liquer produced from local Prickly Pears'. I intend to arouse it with Zero-Dosage bubbles imminently. Incidentally, liquor = no sugar added; liquer = added. To regular consumers of my words: ABV samples are always appreciated!
Apart from attempting to barter park with chocolate coins, and cinema rom-com featuring relentlessly un-erotic 'real' sex, my weekend incorporated visits to a galaxy of bars across the capital. These included The Cuban, banging in the centre of The Stables at Camden Market. Despite lethargy from near-tranquilised staff, the classic Champagne Cocktail fizzed into life with the gusto of hydrochloric acid added to a limestone block.
Mixologists at 'Browns' Restaurant & Bar - the chain being a familar staple from growing up in Cambridge - mixed a superb Espresso (never Expresso') Martini at their Covent Garden outpost. Such successful assemblage sparked me to conceive a 'Monmouth Martini', the quietly confident micro-chain coffee company being but a fresh coffee-whiff away.
The Coach & Horses pub, replete with heated patio amid Greenwich Market alas served Macallan 10YO Scotch with am enthused 'splash' rather like a torrid OAP wickedly defying a hosepipe ban... A nearby jazz club, featuring 'live jazz' unfortunately translated as a solitary deck playing to screamingly mute screens intended to add atmosphere but actually doing the opposite. During our time there, three chocolate dogs ascended stairs to urinate by-the-bar. The coffee cocktail asked for here in an effort to recount Browns' mastery contained enough caffeine to give an imminent heart attack. I agreed with the sentiments of the hound-dogs.
My latest Southwark Weekender article is available on THE MAIN SITE. As usual, it has been buggered-around by a Sub Editor. The worst of these are like naughty cleaners. These both move things around just to prove that they've been there without actually doing anything of consequence.