28 Nov 2006

Sweet Grain Mess

IN AN effort to budge an obstinate hangover, I drained a shot of 'wheat grass' the other morning, a sweet grain mess which contains '...20 amino acids, several hundred different enzymes not found in other foods...' and up to '...90 out of 102 possible minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients'. A shortcut to health? -Certainly withins one conscience, anyway.
The most successful hangover-remover to date has still been the naturally chilled, iron-rich spring waters of Royal Tunbridge Wells [previous post].
In the absence of that potently calming aqua, lunch with my colleague, Brett, at a Chinese restaurant off Borough High Street, which according to the laminated carte served 'blanc de blancs' red wine, was a more indulgent, restorative bet however. Incidentally, to replenish a pot of tea in a Chinese restaurant, simply balance the lid between spout and pot and another will arrive.
That same day I gave a Spanish wine tasting which incorporated a well-priced Heredad Soliterra '04 from Priorat, North East Spain. Firm salt-laden Licorella soil confer an almost baked salt and balsamic crisp feel to the best wines from this exciting region, something just about tangible in this example from Majestic [£7.99].