13 Nov 2006

Meat Intake for Me

I FELT fervent-fever for meat today, a craving rapidly resolved by a visit to the excellent Cambs culinary haven, The Three Horseshoes [previous post].
Echewing starters, my friend and I who had not spoken to eachother for four years because of an unamicable scenario, amiably befriended over a feast of 1200g worth of Henry VIII-esque rare beef hiding uncoyly under the guise of the lyrical sounding 'Bistecca Fiorentina alla griglia'.
This tender char-grilled T-bone decadent seemed lithe under a haze of cloud-soft Selvapiana olive oil, against round mounds of fluffy-fluffer mashed potatoes, with a linguine backdrop of forest-fresh chantrelle and trompette mushrooms cooked in garlic and parsley [£45 for two].
A strapping glass of Checkerpot Cabernet-Shiraz from Paso Robles, off Highway 101, California helped tame the beast with its alluring almost balsamic notes redolent of a rustic North East Italian red - the sommelier, who is excellent, agreed.
Julia Trustram Eve, head of English Wine Producers, is publishing my article about English Wine - 'A New World Mentality' on the EWP website within a few days. She kindly comments that it is "...a great article and deserves to be read." Please take a look and see what you think.
Further Link: Paso Robles Wine