20 Nov 2006

The Inspirational 'Apple'

I WENT TO a private view of Indica (pronounced as in "indication"), a "...recreation of the first 'experimental' art space in London..." this evening. Featuring art such as the inspirational 'Apple' which led to 'Apple records'. It was dated 1966/2006 - because real apples don't last that long. Damien Hurst was kept waiting outside, somehow an intriguingly levelling scenario. Weak vodka-cranberry triangles tingled coolingly pliantly alongside fading 60's celebrities who refused to fade. And rightly so.
I am currently drinking a rather fun (but not frivolous) '05 Riesling from Hanwood, McWilliams. Slightly 'spritzig', this incredibly soft 'duvet riesling' is couthly mineral, with a hint of the albeit not unpleasant double-glazing uPVA / chewed plastic straw element so prevalent in Aussie (and sometimes Kiwi) screwcapped wines, particularly Riesling.
My first wine course came to an end last Thursday with my in tenure as teacher. It will be repeated in February, however. An article in the Southwark Weekender about the final session where students BYO / BTO bottle is due out shortly.