22 Nov 2006

Emotive Words

A CLUTCH OF emotive words flowed chokingly into my mind moments after listening to Jacob Rothschild's representative, Christopher, proudly boast about wine investments this afternoon at Waddesdon Manor, Aylesbury, a Baroque palace. These sentiments were condensed into:

The poverty of the richness of the wine is that those who purchase it do not do so to taste it. A wine for poets is branded for bankers...

-300p/c increases in case prices for 2005 Lafite versus 2004 because of "a finger held into the air to see which way the wine blows"; strange schemes to felch and whore the "Rothschild arrows" on at best banal, at worst detestably unplucky wine franchises because "the housewife at 'Carrefour'" is blithely susceptible; extreme exhibitionism... "come fill your boots" with money from Lafites burgeoning auction price!!!

Mamon honoured in a 'please do not touch you pleb' fashion! -And so it has always been and always will be...

Cotes du Duras '05 Sauvignon Blanc was unacceptably astringent; 'Los Vascos' Chardonnay from the Casablanca Valley was flabby, pungent, not complex with an abrupt finish; the Baron de Rothschild Reserve Speciale '03 was 'tanky' like balsamic-Barbaresco (I doubt it features atop Lord R's table); the A de Aussieres (AOC Corbières) was the definition of overboiled jam and as for the Pauillac '03 I simply wrote 'rabbit'. The Duhart-Milon '02 was the reification of sawn cedar.

Shame, I actually quite like the Quinta do Carmo (previous post) from the Alentejo and the Flechas de los Andes (post).

Further Link: For photos of the day, please go to my friend, Valerie's online photo album - that above is this jeune fille's (C).