5 Oct 2006

Spitting Albariño

ODDBINS APPEAR to be doing a rather hard sell on this refreshingly odd-bin, judging by the florid and rather fun description appearing on their site: "Fresher than the Prince of Bel-Air, fruitier than the Man from Del Monte and more invigorating than an ice-cold plunge pool..."
This is indeed a striking Albariño with a mass of pineapple, tangarine and orange peel combed through with a fine peppery stroke. When I first set eyes upon its label, I thought it was Celtic. Mead perhaps? It also has the most revolting 'cork' I've ever had the misfortune to unravel from my Screwpull. The contents are very, very good indeed, however. Even better when partnered with some kind of Fungus - lightly garlic-scented shiitake mushrooms on warm buttered toast would work, or a prissy mushroom cappucino foam 'Chef's Offering'. [£8.99, Oddbins].
I have a tip for keen spitters not yet confident enough to eject a focussed wine stream into spitoons. Practice in the shower. No worrying spillages.
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