21 Oct 2006

Politely Poured

MY CALIFORNIAN colleague Brett (not pictured, this is Alice) politely poured me some dense, young, husky-voiced Zinfandel from Ridge, Lytton Springs, Sonoma, '04 [£20, Berry Bros. & Rudd]. A slight trace of Coca-Cola prevailed, mingled with a slight bitter twinge and long-lived tannins. Very good indeed.
The bandages are now off the thoroughly rejuvinated, but respectfuly vernacular, wholesale section of Borough Market (bordering The Rake pub), sadly just in time for the unpalatable news that Thameslink 2000 have been given substantial powers to drive their unpopular viaduct through the main market. Stop Press here; projected pictures here. I have been trying for some time to get BBC 'Inside Out' intrigued into an item about the feelings against this. I worked with Inside Out before when making a programme about the first firm of women-only builders in the country!