9 Sept 2006

Worshipping Bacchus

FOR THOSE of you who might argue that this is Janus, God of Gates and Doors, in my eyes this is Bacchus, God of Wine. He is above my door and I worship him daily.
One issue with being in the wine trade is that although I get to sample a fair range of Bacchus' manifestations, I don't really get to take much home to drink in a tranquil environment. It's a little like being on a dry island looking out onto a sea of wine.
Yesterday I poured my colleagues into The Rake (previous post) where I haemmoraged £5 into a pint of 'Kwak', an 8p/c Belgium beer with a silk, claret-like charm, and just a slight residual bitterness.
This morning, partly to salve bleary eyes, I enjoyed fluffy scrambled eggs and chorizo. Finding Halal Heinz 57 Ketchup at my local shop, an inevitable taste test ensued between it and standard Heinz. The Halal came out better overall, with a more focussed vinegar tang

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