30 Sept 2006

Girls Aloud, Incidentally

THIS INCIDENTAL BACKDROP (of tinitus group, 'Girls Aloud') in no way points to my musical tastes, nor to these bottles character.
The Domaine Servin Chablis '05 [£8.49, Majestic] had a relatively full, fruit drive with a hint of zinc - a better bet for a mildly spiced, ginger pasted chicken curry served with pineapple pilaw rice.
The Huber Grüner Veltliner '05 from Obere Steigen [£7.99, Oddbins] was so riddled with white pepper, I actually checked the glass to see whether a slick of freshly milled pepper had formed. Very clean. I have been singing the now-nicknamed 'Groovy' Veltliner's praises for some years. Good to see import is now at an accessible level.
Both wines demonstrate more individuality, and have more of a defined purpose than the manufactured Blossom Hill-esque girl-group.