29 Sept 2006

"Demanding Meat"

YESTERDAY EVENING I was front man for the first of eight wine appreciation sessions at Tottenham Court Road YMCA. Amongst the tally of nine wines, presented to the 21 strong intake, was a gorgeous, unctous, dark blonde 1996 demi-sec Vouvray from the perhaps unfortunately titled Caves de la Biche [£13, Kinsler Wines], and a rich, beguiling, age-defying Greek Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 from Tsantali (organic), exceptionally well priced at £5.99. Nathalie Winder, Press Manager of Waitrose very kindly sponsored six of the wines, including this last dark, blackcurrant and violet scented, slight sherbet and Christmas spice-laden one. According to one of my students, it was a wine that "demanded meat".
I am pleased to report that my inaugural wine column in the Southwark News was published today, and can be found on the main site.