23 Jul 2006

Loft Insulator: Sabai

Sabai [£4.99, Sainsburys]

WHILST not part of Sainsbury's 'Taste the Difference' range, this spritzer is nonetheless wildly divergent. With a base of stomach churning 'Malaga Blanc' (think pulverished cuttlefish) grown on the 'floating vineyards' of the Thai Chao Phraya Delta complete with '...evidence of heavy pollution...' and a heck of hibiscus camoflauge, if this parmesan and lanolin curio suceeds in the UK to the level it has in its homeland (90m bottles sold) it will be a marketing miracle. Brought to you by Red Bull, its foam frothed in my stomach like expanding spray-on loft insulator.

Further link: Sabai Chilled