16 Jul 2006

Far From Mother's Ruin

Xoriguer Gin ("sho-ri-gair")
[£15.99, Waitrose; also served at Tapas Brindisa]

"18th century sailors and soldiers stationed on Menorca wanted gin, so local craftsmen distilled gin from wine alcohol"

OZ CLARKE introduced my colleagues and I to this fresh pine and clove scented spirit yesterday. Despite the curiously lethal loooking bottle, bearing resemblance to that of a Bolivian spirit I cannot bare to recall, the long precise finish at no point suggested crude tasting 'Mother's Ruin'.

The history of alcoholic beverages tells us so much about civilisation. Gin, with its vividly flavoured botanicals was originally used to disguise the bitterness of anti-malarial 'crystalline alkaloid' quinine. These days for millions it provides a rather different medicinal culmination to the working day...
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