14 Jul 2006

Cabernet Sauvignon King of Red Grapes

CABERNET SAUVIGNON - King of red grapes as stilton is king of cheeses. Unlike stilton however Cabernet grows in fairly rampant quantities in many areas other than its home county. One example, very far from home, impressed me recently - Marta's Vineyard 2003 from Argentina [£7.95 Marta's online].

Argentina, the world's fifth largest wine producer, is slowly, fastidiously working its way into more and more glasses internationally. This garnet coloured wine from a family firm in Mendoza, the premium region, has a clean, tight, complex nose with tobacco leaf, wet hay and just a shaving of coconut almost submerged below. On the palate leather, cedar and again tobacco follows through. Well to do now, but better in a couple of years.
Sounds obvious, but consumers buy better wine when educated. A sense of adventure leads to a more natty purchase.