11 Jul 2006

Antidote to Wine Fatigue

The Dacre, Blackheath, London

PICTURED IS my antidote to wine fatigue, something which occasionally befalls even the most avid wine taster, especially when subjected to lacklustre commercial dross like Baron Philippe de Rothshchild's Pays d'Oc Pinot Noir - the equivalent of Gordon Ramsay lending his name to Harry Ramsdens.

Situated not far from the heart of Blackheath Village this is not a gastropub; the 'menu' features pork scratchings and salted peanuts. The Extra Cold Guiness, however, is restorative, served about a a third cooler than regular Guinness. I also really like The George Inn, Southwark, London's last galleried pub, owned by The National Trust.