22 May 2006

Wine As A Being

THERE IS a game I sometimes play; in some ways it's actually more of a technique. It's the old 'Describe The Wine Like A Person' chestnut. Hence a very delicious bottle from purely French wine merchants 'Nicolas' (including their staff) - Les Hauts Clochers 2003 [£10.99], a wine redolent of warm buttered rolls, pepper and compote from Limoux, was characterised by the following attributes..

Sex: Male
Nationality: French
Character: Friendly (warm), also Cerebral
Age: Middle aged but sagging nowhere
Build: Athletic, would play tennis
Occupation: Gardener
Stance: Sexy
Dress: Open Shirt

I must admit to profiling this with my girlfriend ("why do we have to do this, Doug?"), hence some of her terms which I might not wish to admit, such as "sexy" cropped in.

Needless to say this blend of Merlot, Grenache, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon and also Malbec stirred the imagination.