21 Apr 2006

May Contain Nuts...

A SQUIRREL tapped on the French doors of my balcony.

I went to photograph it but it scampered lithely away before I had the focussed on its furry-features.

This got me thinking. Owing to the meagre portions of yesterday's meal at Chapter II (I am still hungry) and the abundance of grey squirrels friskily bounding about... why don't we eat them out of our lives? -They do in Italy.

It is my intention to do just that. Soon. I have found a restaurant near Smithfield, 'St. John', which specialises in braised squirrel for a modest £14.70. Might I suggest a footnote on the menu: 'Warning - May Contain Nuts'? What about a BYO (squirrel) policy?

Suggestions for a vinous accompiment (a Pinot Noir - would they taste gamey?) are most welcome.

UPDATE - see 'No Squirrel Meat Here'