19 Apr 2006

Chateau de Mercues 1989

[Majestic, £4.99, or buy 2 save 20p/c]

VERGING ON maroon, this wine has long legs, a sweet 'lime Starburst' nose accompanied by a touch of creosote, bonemeal and wet hay. On the palate, mellow, oaky, slightly sinewy with gentle, supple berry fruits of the forrest and a slight mentholated feel. Very pleasant and in suspiciously good condition. A good vintage and tough grapes. Good value, a definite table-top curio and great with quail.

Amongs the malbec vines, the 13th century Chateau, now a 'Relais and Chateau' hotel but still in full winemaking use, looks on paper luxurious and very nearly "fairy tale".

What is wine worth? -What people will pay.

At time of writing a browse on the net uncovers a bottle for $36 (e-bay) and bottles for £35-£40 (two rather mean restaurateurs).