7 Mar 2006

Southbrook Vidal Ice Wine

Triomphus Vidal Ice Wine '03
Maple, Canada
[$40, stockists: www.southrook.com, plus see footnote]

MY APOLOGIES for writing about a wine that is nearly impossible to find (for the reasons of a. no UK importer and b. restricted bottling - 1000 x 37.5cl only). However this note may be interesting when you compare what I think with a more traditional 'Eiswein' made in Germany from more noble Riesling.

This wine is however strongly redolent of melted mango sorbet with a steely intensity on the nose, even (feral) lime marmalade. On the palate it suggests drained canned peach juice with a sweet 'gras' texture. A very long aftertaste helps this essentially simple-tasting wine deliver all its goods harmoniously.

Worth looking into too are Southbrook's fruit liquers - outstanding and offering an explosion of flavours - try a dash of Framboise, Cassis or Blueberry in prosecco or drizzled over ice cream. I swum some strawberries in the Cassis to great effect.
Update- some Southbrook wines can be found at drinkfinder.co.uk and Majestic at Vinopolis.