25 Feb 2006

Perrier Jouet

Perrier Jouet NV
[Around £20-£25, Majestic, Oddbins, Nicolas]

SOME STATISTICS for amusement:
  • In 1970 100 million bottles of all Champagne were sold - in 2000 this had increased to 300 million (305m last year);
  • There are roughly 100 calories in 19cl of Champagne;
  • Champagne is the only AC that doesn't need to put 'Champagne' on the label;
  • A Champagne bottle contains six atmospheres of pressure, the equivalent of a bus tyre;
  • At harvest time it's all hands on deck, even the tramps around Epernay get picking...
Founded in 1911, Perrier Jouet was the official Champagne House to supply Queen Victoria. This is a consistently-consistent non vintage Champagne, showing good vintage character, lees (toast, brioche, yeast) and a definite class. Very good for the price.