25 Feb 2006


Fairview Sauvignon Blanc '05
Paarl, South Africa
[£5-7, stockists : 020 7720 5350]

A VERDANT wine from gnarled 40 year old vines, it is hard not to imagine eating near drippingly wet goats cheese with it. Winemaker Charles Back has created a vineyard oasis, with 300ha of South Westerly facing vines on the slopes of the Paarl mountains (a well-drained granite outcrop). From here the landmark Table Mountains can be made out in the distance.

Back is behind the marketing coups such as Goats do Roam in Villages and Goat Rotie. Humorous if it weren't for the fact the French sued his teasing of terroir, albeit unsuccessfully. He is a true goat Lord, having built a helter-skelter goat tower (left of label) for his own menagerie of beasts to ascend, descend and sleep within. Apparently his goats cheese is outstanding, hence the link in my brain...