24 Feb 2006

Domaine de Villargeau

Coteaux du Giennois '04
Pougny, France [Franglais, Calais, under £5]
ZESTY, EXPRESSIVE, dewy and minerally Sauvignon Blanc from a small (20ha) family run estate. Very well integrated and a good alternative to nearby Sancerre and Pouilly Fume, in price preferable too.
I have been drinking quite a lot of wine from the dubiously titled 'Franglais' (www.franglais-wine.com) near the bungalowed town of Les Escalles in Northern France. Actually this warehouse is only marginally bigger than your average Majestic, offering a good, hand-picked choice, friendly service and perhaps most importantly to me, a much more calm atmosphere than those horrid big hangars nearer the Eurotunnel portal. Prices are displayed in £s and Euros. There is also a keenly priced 'Panoramic' restaurant fewer than ten minutes drive away where you can get two tiers of spankingly fresh fruits de mers for not much money (plus a free bottle of wine with your 'Franglais card').