26 Feb 2006


Bianco da Lambrusco 'Cavicchioli 1928'
Emilia Romagna
[Around £4.70 from Italian delicatessens]

ESTABLISHED IN 1928, the Cavicchioli dynasty (pictured) are considered leaders in wine making in Modena.

This is an elegantly packaged, lightly sparkling medium sweet white wine leaving the lasting impression of ripe orchard apples.

Naturally all things must be put in context, thus this is not a wine for serious events nor formal evaluation - it may even have been pasteurised to prevent re-fermentation. However a deep glass works beautifully when served with Panettone, a brioche-like cake from Milan usually associated with Christmas (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panettone).

Its low abv (7.5p/c), makes it a good intro to the fermented grape for children. All but the most stubborn will widen their eyes at the expectation of the panettone, too!